Putting the Magic Back In To Medicine

A new project for the Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds.

Exploring the links between magic and medicine in history, fiction, and therapy.

Thckray Building Panoramic copy

The project includes:

·     an interactive exhibition about Magic and Medicine

·     new ways of engaging with the Wilkinson Collection of apothecary jars

·     a magical medical trail around permanent displays

·     a programme of entertaining and informative public events

·     online links to multi-media resources

·     a conference, sharing the research and production process

·     sessions with patients, using performance magic in therapeutic ways

Opens Easter, 2013

Funded by Arts Council England

The exhibition is available to tour from January 2014.

Comments from visitors to the exhibition:

Amazing! I want to come back later!!!

It has been amazing. Lads have loved it, would love to come again.

I was very impressed with the new aspect of the room, the kids really enjoyed their time and learnt a lot from this.  Keep up the good work!


Loved every moment of it!

Very informative, and enjoyable! WOO!

Brilliant! Beautifully done.

Magnificent! It was brilliant 🙂

It is brilliant and good fun to look at an easy to learn from.

It was awesome and I liked the puppets lots x

Very interesting and a brilliant, different way about teaching things

This blog has been created by Dr Anna Farthing, freelance project officer, to document and archive the project’s research, development and production.