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Thanks to Speciality Textiles

Lab coatsMany thanks to Speciality Textiles for giving us a discount on lab coats which we will be decorating for the dressing up rail for the exhibition!

Speciality Textiles


Exhibition build has begun!

We are all very excited. The exhibition build has begun. Here is Lee from Lee - CodsteaksCod Steaks, checking that the cut out panels are all lining up properly.

When they link together they will form the shape of a five pointed star. The next job is to apply all the fascinating texts and images, and some fun interactive elements, to the outside. The inside of the star will be a magical space.

More pictures will be posted here as we progress.

See here for more on Cod Steaks’ work.

Our Oratory Laboratory


Today we struck lucky with the British Heart Foundation charity bookshop. Lots of lovely stories and picture books all about Magic and Medicine for our children’s area. We are going to call it the Oratory Laboratory, as it’s a place to read and talk and explore!

Welcome to the blog!

A recipe for Plague Water from 1649

Welcome to the Thackray Medical Museum’s new blog, where we will be keeping you up to date with progress on our project to ‘put the magic back in to medicine’.

It’s been a busy few months and the team are very excited about the exhibition, which will open at Easter, and the events programme that will accompany it until the end of the year.

The research has been fascinating. We have found some fantastic treasures in the Thackray archives, including a domestic ‘receipt book’ from 1649. These note books were hand made, and included recipes for making everything the average household would need, from glue to nice sauces to go with fish!

Here we show you a recipe for Plague Water.

Don’t try this at home.